Electric vehicle charger installation

As Glasgow gears up for a future dominated by electric vehicles (EVs), the need for a robust and reliable charging infrastructure becomes crucial.

Whether you’re an eco-conscious homeowner or a forward-thinking business, having an EV charger readily accessible can redefine your driving and commercial experience.

Join the electric revolution and ensure you’re always powered up with our EV charger installation service.

Benefits of EV Charger Installation

Convenience: Gone are the days of waiting in line at public charging stations. With your own EV charger, power up your vehicle at your leisure, right in the heart of your home or workspace.

Cost-Effective: Say goodbye to premium charges at commercial stations. Installing your own EV charger can offer significant savings in the long run, especially with home-specific charging tariffs available.

Increased Property Value: Modernise your property and give it a competitive edge. Whether selling or renting, properties with EV charging provisions stand out in the Glasgow market.

Eco-Friendly: Play your part in championing the green movement. Facilitate electric mobility and make a tangible difference in reducing Glasgow’s carbon footprint.

Domestic & Commercial Installation

Domestic Installations:

  • Our services cater specifically to individual homes, ensuring that the installation is optimally placed for easy access and power management.
  • Choose from a variety of charging speeds to match your vehicle’s needs and your schedule.

Commercial Installations:

  • Whether you run a cosy cafe or a bustling business hub in Glasgow, our scalable solutions have you covered.
  • Attract eco-conscious clientele and set your brand apart as a green pioneer. With EV installations, your commercial space isn’t just a place of business; it’s a statement of environmental responsibility.

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What our customers say is incredibly important to us. Over 80% of our business is recurring because we take pride in every job we complete.

“Very professional. Tested our entire house for electrical faults. Ended up changing the consumer unit but was very clear about what they were doing, where the problem was, and how it was going to be fixed. Great service.

Speaking to them – they previously worked in offshore oil & gas and in constructing new ‘data centres’ so to say that they know their stuff as an electrician would be an understatement.”



“Great service and speedy installation.

Outdoor lights and sockets installed to a very high standard. Work was started and completed very quickly.

Would Highly Recommend and definitely use again.

A 5-Star service!!!




Glasgow Electrical Testing is a family run business based in the heart of Glasgow, working throughout Scotland on domestic and commercial projects.

Our NAPIT approved electricians have a wealth of experience, are highly competent and take pride in their work and the service they provide to you. As reliable and trustworthy experts, we are sure you will be pleased to work with us for all your electrical needs.


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