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What is an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)?

An Electrical Installation Condition Report, often abbreviated to EICR, is an in-depth assessment of the electrical systems and installations within a property. Serving as a critical health check, this report ensures that all electrical setups meet the required standards and pose no safety threats to inhabitants or users.

In the UK, especially in Glasgow, the demand for EICRs has surged, largely because they are mandated by law for specific entities such as landlords, housing associations, and letting agents. The primary reason behind this mandate is the safeguarding of tenants and properties against potential electrical hazards. The findings of an EICR document any damage, deterioration, defects, or conditions that could potentially be dangerous. Moreover, the report provides valuable observations and recommendations for enhancing the overall electrical safety of the premises.

But an EICR isn’t just a tick-box exercise. It provides peace of mind for property owners and tenants alike, reinforcing the commitment to safety and adherence to the highest standards of electrical practices.

Comprehensive Electrical Testing

In Glasgow, where modern infrastructures blend seamlessly with historic architecture, maintaining electrical safety standards is paramount. We offer a comprehensive range of fixed wire testing, ensuring every corner of your electrical system is thoroughly checked and verified for optimum performance and safety.

Cost-Effective Packages

We understand the importance of budgeting, especially when it comes to property management and maintenance. Our EICR packages, starting from just £120, offer an affordable yet thorough service. By entrusting us with your electrical safety needs, you can be assured of a meticulous evaluation without any hidden costs.

Insights & Recommendations

While an EICR outlines the current state of your electrical installations, it also provides valuable insights into areas of improvement. Our detailed analysis identifies any damage, deterioration, defects, or conditions that might pose a risk in the future. Coupled with this, we provide expert recommendations, ensuring that any potential issue can be addressed before it escalates into a major concern. This proactive approach not only enhances safety but can also lead to considerable savings in the long run.

Legal Requirements & Beyond

The importance of Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR) cannot be emphasised enough. For letting agents, landlords, and housing associations in Glasgow, it’s not just about complying with legislation; it’s about affirming your commitment to the safety of your tenants and the longevity of your property. EICRs are instrumental in ensuring your properties remain electrically sound and in adherence with all the latest regulations.

Your Electrical Safety Partner in Glasgow

Located in the heart of Glasgow, our team is always ready to address your electrical safety needs. We’re more than just service providers; we consider ourselves partners in ensuring the safety and compliance of your properties. So whether you’re a landlord with a single property or a housing association managing a large portfolio, we’re here to assist.

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Whether you’re seeking clarity about the EICR process or ready to book an inspection, our team is on standby. Reach out to discuss your specific needs, and let’s embark on a journey towards unparalleled electrical safety together.

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“Very professional. Tested our entire house for electrical faults. Ended up changing the consumer unit but was very clear about what they were doing, where the problem was, and how it was going to be fixed. Great service.

Speaking to them – they previously worked in offshore oil & gas and in constructing new ‘data centres’ so to say that they know their stuff as an electrician would be an understatement.”



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Our NAPIT approved electricians have a wealth of experience, are highly competent and take pride in their work and the service they provide to you. As reliable and trustworthy experts, we are sure you will be pleased to work with us for all your electrical needs.


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